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thumb_up_alt Compartir: makes its efforts to create an extraordinary legacy putting passion in our customer service, dedication to our people, establishing a solid relationship with our customers and commit ourselves to add value to our shareholders. Offshore provides service to a diverse group of companies and customers around the world, making many financial dreams come true that help our customers who trust us to acquire, save, make grow, mobilize and protect their money. We provide a broad range of financial services including:  ACCOUNTS OFFSHORE FREE unlimited bank transfers, a 1% commission of the transferred amount. your bank account in 10 different currencies. Saving and Checking Account, instant access to your funds in ATMs and POS adhered to your Debit Card network (VISA/MASTERCARD) fixed term deposit in 6-12-24 months with 5% to 11% free tax annual rates in Euros, USD and Sterling Pounds. Anonymous free tax brokerage account for shares, bonus, commodities, options, Forex and future.

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